Rural Health Capital Resources Council Project


With support from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy for FY22, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health has convened a national expert group to form the Rural Health Capital Resources Council.

NOSORH has convened over 30 national organizations, philanthropic organizations, regional community development finance organizations, and federal agencies. They represent community development finance, housing, economic development, rural health, broadband, and the many components that comprise healthy communities. The Council met in March and May 2022 in virtual sessions and in-person in Baltimore on June 13-14, 2022.

The goal of the Council is to develop a strategic and sustainable approach to helping rural hospitals, healthcare organizations, and clinics access the capital they need for infrastructure, new services, and addressing community health needs.

NOSORH can provide leadership in continuing to develop capital resource expertise and technical assistance for SORHs, and link capital resources to the work of SORHs at the state level.

Meeting Presentations

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+ June 13th-14th

Session 1: Fostering Economic Prosperity in Rural Community Development & Other Key Stakeholders
CDFIs Investing in Rural Communities

Session 2: Generating Capital Flows to Rural Health
How Capital Flows to Rural Health (Karen Cheeseman)

NOSORH Rural Health Capital Resource Council (Brian Haapala)

Session 3: Clarifying the Value Proposition A Vision for a Rural Health Capital Resource Center
Capital Resource Investment Efforts in Maryland

The Center for Rural Health Development

Rural Community Assistance Corporation

The Impact of Rural Health Investments in For All Seasons (Beth Anne Langrell)

Session 4: Building Multi-Sector Strategies for Rural Health Capital Resources
Building Multi-Sector Strategies for Rural Health Capital Resources (Jonathan Chapman)

South Carolina Office of Rural Health (Graham Adams, PhD)

USDA and Rural Health