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JUNE 2019

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Support NOSORH with New Partner Opportunities

Your connection to NOSORH partnership opportunities awaits in the 2019 NOSORH Partnership Invitation. As you’ll see, NOSORH is exploring new ways to build collaborative partnerships to improve the future of rural health. Each level of support offers many ways to “plug in” to the Power of Rural and NOSORH’s mission, increasing your reach and visibility on the rural stage. In addition to recognition at the NOSORH Read More

NOSORH Mentoring Program Helps Cultivate the Next Generation of Rural Health Leaders

NOSORH is excited to announce the relaunch of the NOSORH Mentoring Program and the newly designed Peer-Driven Resources webpage! The Mentoring Program builds upon the mentoring philosophy of Jim Bernstein, providing an opportunity for SORH Directors and equivalents to be paired with veteran SORH Directors or equivalents. The Mentoring Program requires that the Mentor and Mentee meet via phone at least two hours per month and is expected to Read More

RHC Committee Releases Revamped Education Module & RHC Technical Assistance Survey
The NOSORH RHC Committee recently revised and released Module #1 – An Introduction to the Rural Health Clinic Program. This educational resource is an overview of the Rural Health Clinic Program and related requirements. The Committee will continue updating each module in the series of educational resources found on the RHC Resources page of the NOSORH website. Stay tuned for a webinar in late July to reintroduce both Module #1 and Module #2. Read More

SORH Regional Meetings Underway this Month

This month will see Region D and Region A meetings hosted in Hawaii and Massachusetts. NOSORH looks forward to seeing everyone there! Meeting resources can be found here on the NOSORH website after each meeting. There is still time to register for Regions B, C, and E. More information on each of those meetings is Read More

Promising Practice: Iowa Project Promotes Healthcare Careers Early

By Beth Blevins
With an increasing shortage of rural healthcare workers, Iowa needs to recruit locally and early. That’s the idea behind the Opportunities in Health Sciences: Iowa Career Pathways, which helps high school students (and adult workers who are looking for a career change) navigate toward healthcare careers.The Opportunities in Health Sciences project came about through the efforts of the Iowa State Office of Rural Health (IA SORH), which saw the need to recruit rural students Read More

Policy Update

On May 9, the House Appropriations Committee passed by a vote of 30-23 the annual Labor-HHS spending bill for the upcoming fiscal year. The full-committee passage came two weeks after the House Labor-HHS Appropriations Subcommittee introduced their fiscal year (FY) 2020 spending bill. As passed by the committee, the bill provides $12,500,000 for the State Offices of Rural Health, a $2.5-million-dollar increase over FY 2019 funding. Also included in the spending bill is $59 million for Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Grants and $19,942,000 for the Small Rural Hospital Implementation Read More

NOSORH and Lilypad will co-host a web session for State Offices of Rural Health POND subscribers to review NOSORH technical assistance as it relates to RHCs and other rural primary care providers. Additionally, the session will explore the importance and use of data at different levels – in clinics for performance improvement, at the SORH for technical assistance and other related topics. Read More

TruServe Update

NOSORH recently hosted a TruServe Roundtable Discussion, to listen to the recording, please click here. Reminder – Add the new SORH PIMS measures to TruServe! The webinar “Updated SORH Performance Reporting: PIMS Measures and TruServe Collection” was held on May 29. Click here for the webinar recording and materials. If you haven’t already, contact Mark to discuss getting the new SORH measures into your TruServe system. Read More

Committee Clips

NOSORH committees are great focal points for engaging in many NOSORH initiatives. Descriptions of all committees and contact information can be found on the NOSORH website.
The Board of Directors met twice in the month of May: during the NRHA meeting and on May 23.  They revised the Policy for Board responsibilities during NRHA and endorsed a new plan for the 2019 Community Stars effort. Maner Costerian reported on the annual federal audit and provided a clean report- “as good as you can get”. The Board formally commended Donna Pfaendtner, Administrator, for her exceptional work Read More

RHIhub Spotlight

The RHIhub launched a new evidence-based Rural Telehealth Toolkit. Developed in collaboration with the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis, this toolkit is designed to help rural organizations that are looking to start a telehealth program to address health issues in their communities.The webinar Introducing the Telehealth Toolkit will be held on June 5th. Tune in to learn more about the toolkit and hear from some successful programs about their lessons learned. Featured speakers include: Read More