State Office of Rural Health Proficiencies and Self-Assessment

The SORH Proficiencies are a member-driven set of competencies and proficiencies which will help build the capacity of all 50 SORH and guide the educational strategy of NOSORH. The Proficiencies is divided into two sets of ‘rubrics’ for SORH core functions (Core) and optional topical-based (Topical) proficiencies. SORH Proficiencies self-assessments are available at any time for a SORH to complete but are conducted on alternating years for inclusion in the Benchmarking Reports.

Target Area Rubrics

Core Proficiencies
Target Area 1: Grants Management
Target Area 2: Information Dissemination
Target Area 3: Funding
Target Area 4: Organizational Structure

Topical Proficiencies
Target Area 5: Health Professions Workforce
Target Area 6: Communicating SORH Impact
Target Area 7: Primary Care Integration

Instructional Materials
SORH Proficiencies Guide
SORH Topical Proficiencies Guide
SORH Proficiencies FAQ Fact Sheet

Assessing Your Office
SORH Core Proficiencies Self-Assessment
Health Professions Workforce self-assessment
Communicating SORH Impact self-assessment
Primary Care Integration self-assessment

Analyzing Your Results
2020 Core Proficiencies Benchmarking Report

Supporting Resources
Webinar: SORH Capacity Building Webinar: Overview of the Proficiencies and Self-Assessment (9-18-2018)
Webinar Recording
Webinar Slides