SORH Proficiencies

State Office of Rural Health Proficiencies and Self-Assessment

The SORH Proficiencies are a member-driven set of competencies and proficiencies which will help build the capacity of all 50 SORH and guide the educational strategy of NOSORH. The Proficiencies include a set of four target areas with their own rubrics, an instructional Proficiencies Guide that includes the rubrics and definitions, a self-assessment, and future Benchmarking Report.

Webinar: SORH Capacity Building Webinar: Overview of the Proficiencies and Self-Assessment (9-18-2018)

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Target Area Rubrics
Target Area 1: Grants Management
Target Area 2: Information Dissemination
Target Area 3: Funding
Target Area 4: Organizational Structure

Instructional Materials
SORH Proficiencies Guide
SORH Proficiencies FAQ Fact Sheet

Assessing Your Office
SORH Proficiencies Self-Assessment
2020 Proficiencies Benchmarking Report
2019 Proficiencies Benchmarking Report