SORH Showcase

Every SORH in the nation is charged with a responsibility for information dissemination, collaboration and providing technical assistance to rural communities and providers in their state. The staffing, resources and work of the SORH varies widely across the nation. Every SORH plans their work according to the needs of their rural constituents, and each SORH has unique areas of expertise and resources.

The SORH Areas of Expertise document SORH with expertise in a wide variety of areas. This index can be used when trying to identify SORH resources for these areas.

You will also be able to find pertinent information from our SORH leaders on the Ask A Leader page.

In 2010, NOSORH studied the characteristics of SORHs with high impact and identified Promising Practices, examples of these practices and the SORHs is outlined in this report.

In 2016, NOSORH staff conducted a series of calls with 32 SORH Directors to learn more about each state’s current activities. This information helps NOSORH in directing education, services, committee work and external partnerships. A one-page fact sheet, which highlights the overarching themes from the calls, can be accessed here.

All SORH engage or support partners to bring rural issues and positive messages about rural America during the NOSORH National Rural Health Day campaign. Resources including media releases, key talking points, and success stories are provided for SORH and any organization who wishes to support the efforts to ensure understanding that rural communities are wonderful places to live and work, that Rural America offers tremendous opportunities for healthcare providers to deliver innovative, resourceful models of quality care and that barriers in the health care system remain.