SORH Showcase

Every SORH in the nation is charged with a responsibility for information dissemination, collaboration and providing technical assistance to rural communities and providers in their state. The staffing, resources and work of the SORH varies widely across the nation. Every SORH plans their work according to the needs of their rural constituents, and each SORH has unique areas of expertise and resources.

TheĀ SORH Areas of Expertise document SORH with expertise in a wide variety of areas. This index can be used when trying to identify SORH resources for these areas.

NOSORH produces monthly Promising Practice articles to bring attention to the innovative, effective and valuable work of State Offices of Rural Health.

You will also be able to learn more about NOSORH members/SORH leaders on the Member Spotlight page.

Visit the NOSORH Awards page to learn more about NOSORH’s annual award program that honors the incredible work/leadership of SORH, individuals and organizations dedicated to rural health.