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Listening Session: Data Resources for Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Rural Communities

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Listening Session Recording

Listening Session Resources:

Instruction Sheet – NMCDC COVID-19 Data Source – May 20 2020

Selected COVID-19 Data Sources – May 20 2020

State and Federal Data on COVID-19 Testing Don’t Match Up


SORH New Directors Orientation (2019)

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BPHC SORH Orientation

CBD New SORH Directors

Data Warehouse SORH-Nov2019

EHBsOverview-SORH GranteeProjectDirectors

Grants SORH Orientation 2019

Leadership FORHP Overview Nov 2019

OAT Division Overview SORH Orientaiton

ORO Presentation New SORH Directors

PRD SORH Orientation

RCORP SORH Orientation

Rural Definitions SORH Orientation 2019

Annual Meeting 2019 Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Welcome to New Mexico – Tim Lopez

NOSORH Update – NOSORH Staff

Making the Most of National Rural Health Day – Karen Madden and Kirby Lecy

Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Update – Tom Morris

The Art of Strategy Implementation – Tina Nazier

Integration of Palliative Care in Rural Communities – Pat Justis, DeAnn Richards, Karla Weng and Lynette Dickson

Can a Rural Hospital Lift a Community Out of Poverty?- Mark Woodring

Michigan State Office of Rural Health – Transitoning Rural to Value Based Purchasing (VBP) via Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Quality Payment Programs (QPP) – Crystal Barter

The Affordable Care Act and Beyond – Harvey Licht

The Affordable Care Act and Beyond – Keith Mueller

Key Considerations for Rural Healthcare and the Role of State Offices of Rural Health – Michael Topchik

Policy Update – Andrew Coats, Lisa Davis and Scott Daniels

Creating a Culture of Perpetual Compliance in Small Rural Hospitals

and Rural Health Clinics – Patty Harper and Dianne Bourque

Enchancing Reproductive Well Being Through One Key Question – Becky Griesse

RHC Surveying for SORH Teams – Kate Hill and Tonne McCoy

Incorporating a Rural Prosperity Index into the Opioid Misuse Community Assessment Tool – Michael Meit

The RHC Accreditation Process – Thomas Terranova

COPD in Rural America and the Resources Available to Help Support Providers – Caleb Siem, Kristine Sande and Paul Moore

Rural Cancer Control Opportunities for Collaboration and Technical Assistance – Aubrey Villalobos and Joseph O’Dell

Challenges Facing Rural Communities and the Roadmap to Ensure Local Access to Health Care – John Supplitt

Region E SORH Partnership Meeting 2019 Portland, Oregon

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Welcome to Oregon – Bob Duehmig

FORHP Update – Rachel Moscato and Sarah Young

NOSORH Update – Matt Strycker, Tammy Norville, Chris Salyers and Michelle Mills

Innovative Strategies to Enhance Rural Healthcare Collaboration – Michael Meit

There’s No Place Like Home – Rural Home Health and Hospice – Challenges and Solutions Part One of Two – Pat Justis

There’s No Place Like Home – Rural Home Health and Hospice – Challenges and Solutions Part Two of Two – Pat Justis

Emergency Preparedness – Nate Weed and Heidi Hedberg

Post Meeting – SORH Involvement in Workforce


Region B SORH Partnership Meeting 2019 Augusta, Georgia

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Elder Justice – Dr. Shelly Jackson

Managing Your Contracts What Legal Requirements You Need – Nita Ham

NOSORH Update – Teryl Eisinger, Tammy Norville, Graham Adams

Overview of CDC Services and Resources for the Field – Georgia Moore

The Evolving Role of SORHSs in Workforce – Making a Real Impact in Your State Through Partnerships, Demonstrating Value, and Sustainability – Mark Barclay

Transforming a Rural Community by Engaging City Leaders, Legislatures and Cross – Sector Partners – Taffy Morrison


Region C SORH Partnership Meeting 2019 Kansas City, Missouri

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FORHP Update – Victoria Leach and Salamatu Barrie

NOSORH Update – Teryl Eisinger and Matthew Strycker

NOSORH Update – Ashley Muninger and Corie Kaiser

ORO Update – Rae Hutchinson and Amanda Waldrup

ORO Update Handouts – Rae Hutchinson and Amanda Waldrup

SORH Work with ACOs – Zora Radosevich

LGBT Resources – Matt Strycker

Workplace Violence and Work Being Done – Matt Strycker


Region A SORH Partnership Meeting 2019 Eastham, Massachusetts

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Welcome to Massachusetts – Lea Susan Ojamaa

Village to Village Network – Barbara Sullivan and Dr. Dick Elkin

Village to Village Network (recording from meeting) Click here to listen

Innovative Strategies to Enhance Rural Healthcare Collaboration – Alana Knudson

Estimating the Economic Impact of Healthcare in Rural Communities – Stephanie Norris

Pilot Partners Angel Flight East and Rural Healthcare Finance – Ellen Williams

NOSORH Update – Eisinger, Strycker, Salyers


Region D SORH Partnership Meeting 2019 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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SORH plus RCORP equals Grass Roots Community Engagement – John Barnas

SORH Discussion on RCORP Funding – Hanneke VanDyke

Transforming a Rural Community by Engaging City Leaders, Legislatures and Cross-Sector Partners – Taffy Morrison and Valerie Vincent

Lessons learned from Vulnerable Rural Hospitals – a Project ECHO experience – Bree Watzak

NOSORH Update – Matt Strycker, Chris Salyers, Corie Kaiser




National Rural EMS & Care Conference 2019

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Update From the 2019 Rural Emergency Integration Summit – Nicole Clement and Tim Wilson

Trauma Program Management Group – Britton Herbert

FORHP and Policy Update – Christy Edwards

EMS Tactical Agenda – Kevin McGinnis

CAH Flex Track – The new CNS-CMMI Emergency ET3 Porgram and Rural Providers – Kevin McGinnis

Bringing EMS into Care Coordination Building Relationships with Non-Traditional Partners – Nita Ham

ODMAP Overview – Aliese Alter

South Carolina Statewide Survey on Workforce – David Porter

Overview of the Alaska Flex EMS Sustainability Project – Heidi Hedberg

SORH New Directors Orientation

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