Past Event Materials

Region B SORH Partnership Meeting 2017 Biloxi, MS

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CMS Update – Lana Dennis

FORHP Update – Suzanne Stack & Rachel Moscato

Getting Involved with CBD Grantees – Ernie Scott & Chris Salyers

Innovative Health Improvement Projects Managed by a SORH – John Barnas

Leveraging Partners and Assets to Improve Rural Health and Well-being RWJF – Michael Meit (word document)

Leveraging Partners and Assets to Improve Rural Health and Well-being RWJF – Michael Meit

MACRA Overview – Shannon Chambers

MACRA QPP_Support_for_Small_Practices – Shannon Chambers

NOSORH Update – Matt Strycker, Chris Saylers & Melissa VanDyne

ORO Update – Chiquita Francis

Taming the Data Dragon – John Resendes & Stephanie Nantz

Telehealth Resource Center Reimbursement for Telehealth – Kathy Wibberly & Kimberly Lamb

Region E SORH Partnership Meeting 2017 Bellingham, WA

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CMS Update (Jen Magyar)

Communicating the Value of SORH Work Using Data (Amanda Emerson)

FORHP Update (Rachel Moscato and Kristi Martinsen

Leveraging Partners and Assets to Improve Rural Health Well-being – Recommendations for the RObert WOod Johnson Foundation (Michael Meit)

NOSORH Update (Eisinger, Strycker, Clarke, Allen)

Oral Healthcare Access for All – Workforce Trends and Solutions (Davis Patterson)

Project C.L.E.A.N. – Opioid Abuse Prevention Program (Emily Dilley)

Welcome to Washington and SIM Grant Update (Pat Justis)

Workforce Related Barriers to Providing Behavioral Health Services in Washington State (Sue Skillman)

2017 Region D SORH Partnership Meeting, New Orleans, LA

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CMS Update (Carmen Irwin)
Developing a Telehealth Program-Rural Broadband and Telehealth (Lonnie DuFour & Natassja Manzanero)
FORHP Update (Victoria Leach & Natassja Manzanero)
Leveraging Partners and Assets to Improve Rural Health and Well-being (Alana Knudson)
Medical and Dental Working Together at the Community Level (Dr. Steve Geiermann)
NOSORH Update 2017
ORO Update (Princess Jackson)
SAMHSA Update (Commander Karen Hearod)
Working with CBD Grantees (Carrie Fortune & Joey Miller)
Working with CBD Grantees (Kim Armstrong)

2017 Region A SORH Partnership Meeting, Cape May, NJ

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Asset Map_v6 – Michael Meit
CMS Update-Press Release SSNRI Provider Outreach – Paul Valez
CMS Update-Quality Payment Program Long Version – Paul Valez
CMS Update-Social Security Number (SSN) Removal Initiative – Paul Valez
Community Based Solutions for Substance Abuse Treatment and Generational Impact – John Gale
Connecticut SBIRT Health Professions Training Program – Kate Robaina
FORHP Update – Suzanne Stack, Heather Dimeris
In Health Matters, Place Matters The Health Opportunity Index – Adrienne McFadden
Leveraging Partners and Assets to Improve Health and Equity-Recommendations for the RWJF Handout – Michael Meit
Leveraging Partners and Assets to Improve Rural Health and Well-being-Recommendations for the RWJF – Michael Meit
NOSORH Update 2017 – Teryl Eisinger, Matthew Strycker, Sharla Allen
ORO Update – Tanya Pagan Raggio-Ashley
SCORe Instrument SORH – Kate Robaina

National Rural EMS & Care Conference 2017

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Welcome from JCREC and North Dakota – Don Wood
Shifting Reimbursenent Priorities – Nicole Clement
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – What is On the EMS Policy and Innovation Horizon and How Will it Affect Rural Services – Jeff Hinson
How Will Technology Help Rural EMS to Provide Patient Care – Firstnet – Kevin McGinnis
When A Rural Ambulance Service Closes – Now What – Ken Reed
EMS Medical Direction in the Rural Setting Challenges and Opportunities – Peter Taillac
So We Complete the Patient Care Report – Nick Nudell
Collaborating to Improve the Health of Our Rural Population – Darrold Bertsch
Tribal and Non-Tribal Collaboration, Integrating EMS Resources Between Reservations and Adjacent Lands – Chelsea and Jenna White
Informed Self-Determination and EMS 3.0 – Kevin McGinnis
EMS and Critical Access Hospital Collaboration – Gary Wingrove presented by Ken Reed
National Rural Health Association on Rural EMS – Diane Calmus
Future of EMS Reimbursement – Ken Reed
A Tool for Measuring Our Services – Attributes of a Successful Rural EMS Service an Guidelines for Usage – John Eich
NRHD Update – Matt Strycker

2015 QCOR
2017 QCOR Poster MWA STEMI Final
FLEX Poster 2017 (1)
Jonk Ambulance Service Costs poster.Natl EMS Conf April 2017
Jonk Geographic Disparities Ambulance Services poster.Natl EMS Conf April 2017
National Rural EMS Conference 2017 Poster Pearce
National Rural EMS Conference Laguna Poster
Scholarly Poster
Statewide Collaboration in Rural STEMI System Development in Resource Limited Environments – Where You Live Shouldn’t Determine If You Live (2)
National Rural EMS CRC Conference Poster Submission


Policy Program Monitoring Team: Brief on ACA repeal and replace

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Webinar Recording

Post ACA Contingency Planning Presentation – March 22 2017

ACA Resource List

TruServe Learning Community: Wisconsin ORH Access Database for Flex Measures

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Link for developing your own Access Database

SORH Orientation Meeting- Oct 26-27, 2016

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National Rural EMS Conference 2016

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Welcome from the Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care – Don Wood

Rural Frontier EMS Agenda – Policy Changes of the Future – Kevin McGinnis

FORHP Update – Christy Edwards

Community Paramedicine – Integrated Mobile Health Care – Gary Wingrove

MIH Metrics for Community Health Interventions – Post Comments Revision CLEAN 4-8-16 – Gary Wingrove

Telemedicine – Dr. Billy Phillips and Cole Johnson

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Updates – Carmen Irwin

Community Paramedicine to Fill the Rural Healthcare Gap – To Post – Davis Patterson

EMS Medical Direction – Jay Bradshaw

EMS Medical Direction – Joe Schmider

Update and Discussion with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Office of EMS – Noah Smith

Frontier EMS Best Practices – Greg Henington

Challenges Facing Rural Hospitals and the Effects on Rural EMS – Tom Nehring and Don Wood

EMS 3.0 and Its Promise for Rural EMS – Kevin McGinnis

EMS 3.0 – Kevin McGinnis

2016 Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care Learning Session – Boston, MA

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EMS 3.0 – Kevin Mcginnis

Federal Office of Rural Health Policy EMS Update – Victoria Leach

Rural EMS Resources TASC – Nicole Clement

San Antonio Conference Survey Results – Tom Nehring