Rural Health Clinics

Rural Health Clinic Technical Assistance Survey Results

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Thank you to the forty states who completed the RHC Committee survey last month. The survey was used to query SORH on the types and amounts of technical
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NOSORH Announces New Rural Primary Care Benchmarking Partnership

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NOSORH has partnered with Lilypad, LLC to implement the Practice Operations National Database (POND) program, a web-based data collection, reporting and
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Committee Clips

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NOSORH committees are great focal points for engaging in many NOSORH initiatives.  Descriptions of all committees and contact information can be found
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NOSORH Releases Two New RHC Modules

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NOSORH released two new resources and hosted a successful RHC Virtual Conference last week discussing the 2 new modules from the RHC Committee.  You can
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Ask a Leader- Kassie Clarke

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This month’s featured NOSORH leader is Kassie Clarke. Kassie has been the Communications and Development Coordinator since September 2014 and will soon
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Rural Health Clinic Committee Spotlight

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The Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Committee began in 2009 as a task force to assess what types of support SORHs were providing for RHCs.  The task forced
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NOSORH Committee Spotlight: Policy Committee

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The NOSORH Policy Committee is open to any member of NOSORH who has an interest in learning more about national policy issues and being engaged in the
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NOSORH Educational Exchange for Non-Profit SORHs

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NOSORH’s Educational Exchange Program offers support for SORH staff to meet with another SORH to develop or enhance their expertise or knowledge, leadership
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Promoting Quality Improvement in RHCs – Crystal Barter

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Promoting Quality Improvement in RHCs - Crystal Barter
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Understanding RHC Finances – Janet Lytton

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Understanding RHC Finances – Janet Lytton