RHIhub has published two new Rural Monitor stories highlighting the great things that are happening in rural communities across the nation:

  • Making Informed Decisions about Rural EMS – Discusses the EMS Informed Self-Determination Process developed by Kevin McGinnis and highlights the success of St. George, Maine, had in implementing the process. RHIhub learned about this process at a Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care (JCREC) meeting.
  • Rising from the Ashes: How Trauma-Informed Care Nurtures Healing in Rural America – Features rural communities and healthcare organizations that are a using trauma-informed care approach to help people who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACES), sexual assault, and other traumatic experiences.

RHIhub has published several new Models & Innovations:

Three topic guides have been updated:

Save the date for an upcoming webinar on the soon to be released Rural Telehealth Toolkit! Wednesday June 5, 2019 at 12pm Central

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