Region B

Pre-Meeting and SORH Regional Partnership Meeting | 2021

RHC COVID Funding and Reporting

With new funding from the COVID relief bills, this presentation breaks down new Rural Health Clinic (RHC) funding and how SORHs can assist their RHC’s in reporting. 

New Funding Through the American Rescue Plan

At the beginning of 2021, Congress passed new legislation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This presentation breaks down all the new sources of funding for rural health care, including for RHC’s, FQHC’s, and many other rural providers. It also breaks down regulations around telehealth and rural broadband.

Rural EMS in Times of COVID

Rural Emergency Medical Services (EMS) have been pivotal in the fight against COVID. They have provided vaccination sites across the country in many rural areas. While there are still challenges with recruitment and retention, rural EMS and Community Health Workers are still on the front lines of rural care.

Rural Hospital Bypass Where are Rural Medicare Beneficiaries Going

This presentation provides an overview of rural hospital bypass including: which Medicare beneficiaries bypass their local rural hospitals; what services are most likely sought at distant hospitals (that are also available locally); and, what role telehealth plays in keeping patients local for inpatient care. In addition, hear perspectives from rural stakeholders regarding why rural hospital bypass occurs and what approaches may be used to decrease the number of patients leaving their rural communities for inpatient care.


This session tackles four main issues:

1. What new, unforeseen opportunity has your SORH taken advantage of? What are you accomplishing? Who are you are partnering with to get it done?
2. What are your challenges, plans, or wins in addressing rural broadband?
3. How is your SORH partnering with emergency preparedness and disaster response stakeholders?
4. What resources does your SORH use/need to promote diversity and inclusion in rural communities?