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Alaska State Office of Rural Health

Division of Public Health, Section of Rural and Community Health Systems
3601 C Street, Suite 424 Anchorage AK 99503 Work Phone: 907-269-3445 Work Fax: 907-269-0036 Website: Alaska State Office of Rural Health

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  • Type of institution/affiliation: State
  • Established: 1992
Categories: Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), Budgeting, Community Health Centers, Community Health Improvement Plan, Community Health Needs Assessments, Contracting/RFPs, Department of Labor (DOL), Emergency Management Services/Emergency Preparedness, Emerging health professions, Evaluation/reporting, Health professions training programs, Health systems integration, Integrated Services (behavioral health, oral health, etc), Leveraging State Partners, Linking rural to existing state programs, Loan repayment programs (NHSC, SLRP, etc), Native American/Alaskan Native/Pacific Islander health, Partner investments, Policy and regulatory review, Primary Care Association (PCA), Primary Care Office (PCO), QA/Performance Improvement Initiatives, SORH Match, Telehealth, Uncategorized, Workforce advisory committees and other groups, Workplan Development
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