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The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health is dedicated to promoting leadership and partnerships in rural communities across the nation to improve health care for America’s 62 million residents. Given the many health care challenges that rural communities face, strong leadership is critical to reduce health disparities, improve the quality of life and reduce the burden and cost of illness.

With funds from donors like you we promote awareness of rural health issues through our Power of Rural and National Rural Health Day Activities. We are dedicated to ensuring that policy makers, national advocates and others understand the importance of rural America and the people and health care providers that serve them. With help from you we can provide leadership training and education for leaders who want to make a difference in their communities so that they have the skills they need to identify and fund community solutions to local health care problems. We provide a support system of mentors and linkages to State Offices of Rural Health.

State Offices of Rural Health are anchors of information and technical assistance in every state in the nation. They are funded through a state and federal partnership for funding to avoid duplication of activities, to collect and disseminate information and to provide technical assistance to rural communities in their state. Together the SORH supported over 28,000 communities last year.

This year more than ever, we need to build alliances and to grow the “Power of Rural” and National Rural Health Day to ensure the needs of rural America are recognized, understood and that action is taken to support the good work of rural providers. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.