ASTHO and NOSORH Release Issue Brief on CHNAs, Updated PCO Manual

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The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) and NOSORH collaborated on an issue brief about community health needs assessments (CHNAs). This issue brief provides an overview of the requirements and standards for some rural hospitals and health departments to conduct CHNAs. These exercises can help stakeholders to identify and address health problems in rural communities. They are also an opportunity for health systems and health departments to collaborate on similar activities that may be mandated by separate authorities and for them to leverage their requirements to become a means of addressing population health challenges in rural areas. The issue brief includes several state-specific examples of how these partnerships can be created and maintained at the state and local levels.

NOSORH would like to thank the following individuals for their participation in the interview process and for sharing their state-specific examples: Margaret Brockman (NE), Lara Brooks (OK), Natalie Claiborne (MT), Joyce Hospodar (AZ), and Karen Madden (NY).

In addition, ASTHO has updated the Primary Care Office Manual. The 2017 Primary Care Office Directors Manual provides essential information on the roles, responsibilities, and timelines for deliverables of PCO work. Although the PCO Manual was created with newly-hired PCO staff in mind, its reference materials can also be of use to veteran PCO directors and staff. This update reflects a number of recent changes to PCO work and responsibilities, including new reporting processes and deadlines, new informational resources, and federal agency reorganizations.

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NOSORH Presents on PCO Collaboration at PCO Training Academy

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On April 18-19, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) hosted the PCO Training Academy Kick-Off at their offices in Arlington, Virginia. The PCO Training Academy is an orientation program for new PCO staff and provides a mentoring opportunity to pair new PCO staff with veteran staff. Presentations included shortage designation, meeting their project officers and strategic partnerships (SORH, PCA, etc.). During breakout sessions, mentors and mentees met to discuss the objectives of their mentoring program and strategies to accomplish the objectives over the next year.

In a joint presentation, Rachel Moscato (FORHP), Chris Salyers (NOSORH), and Tom Rauner (NE) provided an overview of the SORH program and opportunities for collaboration between SORH and their PCO offices. Special attention in the presentation was placed on the different SORH structures and opportunities available, regardless of the existing relationship a SORH may have with a PCO. The joint presentation can be accessed here.

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Webinar: Introduction to PCO Performance Measure Tracking Tool – January 23, 2012

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