NOSORH is delighted to announce the Rural Health Clinic Vaccine Confidence (RHCVC) Grant Program SORH Champions! This group of highly skilled rural health professionals will lend their time and talent to RHCVC grantees across the country during the grant period. With skill sets ranging from regulatory compliance to financial operations to clinical protocol best practices, this group collectively brings over 100 years of rural health expertise to the “RHC table.”

The RHCVC Grant Program is historic. Application eligibility was limited to CMS-certified RHCs, but all applicants were guaranteed an award. Almost 800 RHCVC Grantees are representing nearly 2,000 CMS-certified RHCs nationally! Though funded by pandemic-related federal dollars, grant activities are not limited to COVID-19 vaccine confidence. Activities can enhance ANY confidence in ANY vaccine, including childhood vaccines, flu vaccines, and vaccinations for other conditions.

The new SORH Champions are:

Katie Schweber (CO)
Marcy Cameron (CO)
Rachel Williams (CO)
Abbie Parmenter (FL)
Marcus Pigman (KY)

Kelly Braun (PA)
Lara Brooks (OK)
Rachel Ruddock (MI)
Rondyann Gerst (OR)
Sarah Andersen (OR)

The new SORH Champions will join the three RHC COVID-19 contracted program coordinators Lynette Dickson (RHCVC), Jill Oesterle (MI Center for Rural Health, RHC Vaccine Distribution), and Shannon Chambers (SC Office of Rural Health, RHC COVID-19 Testing and Mitigation).

NOSORH is proud to be the lead Technical Assistance provider in collaboration with the National Association of Rural Health Clinics through a Cooperative Agreement with the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. Please reach out to Lynette Dickson, RHC Vaccine Confidence Grant Program Coordinator ( or Tammy Norville, NOSORH Technical Assistance Director (, for more information.