Rural Primary Care Institute


NOSORH is excited to announce the launch of the popular NOSORH Rural Primary Care Institute in an “on-demand” format! Tailored specifically for State Offices of Rural Health and their partners and stakeholders, NOSORH’s Rural Primary Care Institute – On Demand equips participants with the tools to deliver effective technical assistance to rural primary care providers. The courses cover a wide range of relevant topics and best practices. Whether you opt for the entire institute or select individual courses, you’ll gain invaluable insights to better support your state’s rural primary care and safety net providers, empowering you to make a meaningful impact.

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+ PCI - S1: What is Primary Care and WHY Do We Do What We Do?

The Rural Primary Care Institute (RPCI) will provide an overview of the Institute, including a review of the “road map”, general Institute information, and Institute “homework” assignments. We will level the playing field by establishing the WHY we do what we do in the way that we do it, as well as exploring a high-level overview of the Primary Care space. We will include a focus on understanding what primary care is and the variety of provider types and services provided in this space.

+ PCI - S2: What is Primary Care in Rural America and What Makes it Unique?

This session dives into rural primary care. From different provider types to organizational structures to business models to impacts of public health challenges. Needs vary from state to state and community to community. Each practice has unique challenges; however, there are trends and common issues. In this session, participants will learn about those trends and common challenges and, more importantly, how they impact the wellness of rural communities. We will explore answers to the questions: what are the needs of rural primary care practices, and what factors impact the rural healthcare environment? As well as how information that will grow an understanding of the rural health landscape in your state is found.

+ PCI - S3: How do Designations fit into Rural Primary Care?

Participants will explore definitions, similarities, differences, requirements, and uses for several designation types available to rural primary care providers. Basic designation determinations, conditions of participation, and other regulatory requirements impact eligibility for programs and potential funding opportunities. This session will lean into these concepts and will provide practical application of knowledge gained.

+ PCI - S4: How does Compliance fit into Rural Primary Care?

Participants will examine similarities and differences of “compliance” and “eligibility” along with the impact on rural primary care practices. From working with surveyors to concepts of compliance within particular rural primary care provider types, we will explore available compliance tools and resources, and how SORH might prepare to provide compliance support and capacity building, as well as the connection between compliance and value.

+ PCI - S5: How to Support and Engage Rural Primary Care Practices

This session will provide participants suggestions for providing support and capacity building to rural primary care providers/practices that do not involve high-level, direct technical assistance, such as conferences, webinars, and information dissemination (social media and newsletters). Practical application tips are offered to include resource/content development on relevant topics of specific interest to particular provider types (such as RHC, FQHC, etc.) and resources focused on community-centric challenges, such as how to improve health equity through efforts on social determinants of health including health literacy, food deserts, and community transportation challenges. Finally, we will dive into how collaboration with other state agencies may provide a beneficial foundation for rural primary care provider support.


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