RHIhub recently updated the following topic guides on the RHIhub website:

  • Rural Healthcare Quality – This topic guide covers how healthcare quality is measured and defined, as well as differences that exist for rural healthcare providers related to quality. This guide is maintained by Brandon Baumbach, RHIhub Rural Health Policy Specialist.
  • Conducting Rural Health Research, Needs Assessment, and Program Evaluation – This guide identifies the similarities and differences among rural health research, assessment, and evaluation. It also discusses common methods, provides contacts, addresses the importance of community-based participatory research in rural communities, looks at CHNA requirements, and examines the importance of building a rural evidence-based. Includes new questions related to strategies to share rural health research results. This guide is maintained by Maren Niemeier, RHIhub Information Resources Manager.

Check out these great new articles that were featured in the Rural Monitor in January:


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