Here are some of the new and updated tools and resources on the RHIhub website:

Rural Services Integration Toolkit (New)

This new toolkit offers strategies for rural communities seeking to integrate health and human services to increase care coordination, improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. The toolkit was developed by the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis and provides information, considerations for implementation, evidence-based models, and resources.

Am I Rural? Tool (Updated)

The Am I Rural? tool has been updated with a new interface and includes a map-based location verification. View the short video to learn how to use the tool’s new features and then find out if your location is considered rural based on various rural definitions by using the tool.

Rural Tribal Health Topic Guide (Updated)

This topic guide was recently updated and includes new frequently asked questions related to tribal healthcare and the health disparities of Native American populations. The guide was developed by Brandon Baumbach, RHIhub Rural Health Policy Specialist, with input from Paula Carter and Jacque Gray, UND Center for Rural Health.

Also, check out these new Rural Monitor articles that were published in March:

  • Providing Patients with Access to Nutritious Food
    Money, distance, and lack of education are just a few barriers between rural Americans and nutritious food. Find out how a Critical Access Hospital, a prescription program, and a research project are creating tangible examples of how to promote nutrition and increase patients’ access to healthy food.
  • Counteracting the Darkness of Physician Burnout
    Physician burnout is rising as a popular healthcare topic, but the reality has been an ongoing problem in rural health settings. Dr. Jill Kruse shares her burnout experience, how she overcame it, and what she is doing to help others, while Dr. Randall Longenecker gives tips on building resiliency.
  • Rural ACO Leaders Speak: What Have Been the Biggest Challenges and the Biggest Advantages to Creating Your ACO?
    As the healthcare industry shifts from volume-to-value, Accountable Care Organizations are gaining in popularity for rural providers. But, there are risks and difficulties that come along with shared savings programs. We asked five rural ACO leaders to share their insights from building their ACOs.


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