About Policy

NOSORH’s mission is to promote the capacity of SORH and their stakeholders to improve health care in rural America through leadership development, advocacy, education, & partnerships. Key issues which NOSORH address include funding and authorization for important rural programs, access to care, small hospitals and providers, rural workforce development, behavioral, oral and emergency care. The policy activities of the organization are focused on the capacity of the SORH and their state, community and provider partners that serve the nearly 57 million rural Americans!

NOSORH policy activities are primarily guided by the work of the NOSORH Policy Committee with advice and support from NOSORH’s Legislative Liaison. Any SORH staff is welcome to participate and bring issues to the NOSORH Policy Committee for response and action by the membership. NOSORH members may use the “Call for Action” form to bring issues to the attention of NOSORH.