Date(s): June 15, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Session Description:
In this session, we will discuss the information needed to complete the RHC cost report and how that information flows into the RHC rate calculation. At a high level, we will walk through common RHC cost report calculations and the Medicare settlement process. In addition, we will examine potential roles of SORH in the RHC cost reporting process as technical assistance providers and how information dissemination assistance might impact RHC cost reporting.

Intended Audience:
State Offices of Rural Health (SORH)

Following the session, participants will be able to:
1. Discuss what you need to complete the cost report
2. Demonstrate how cost report instructions relate to financials
3. Discuss common cost report calculations
4. Describe how SORH might help facilitate the cost report process in their role as technical assistance providers and disseminating information

Julia Quinn, CPA
Vice President of Compliance & Cost Reporting
Health Services Associates

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