NOSORH committees are great focal points for engaging on many NOSORH initiatives, descriptions of all committees and contact information can be found on the NOSORH website.

NOSORH Board – The NOSORH 2015 Board of Directors recently convened a discussion on the role of the Regional Representatives and how they can better ensure the voice of all fifty State Offices of Rural Health in the governance of NOSORH.  Regional Representatives have a responsibility to ensure communication from the Board to the members in their region and are enthusiastic about linking with their states.  New ideas include ensuring committee updates are provided so Regional Reps can follow up, experiment with “just the SORH” calls and dialog with members at the Regional Partnership meetings to discuss making the role valuable to all.  Click here to find out who your Regional Representative is.

Finance Committee – Last month the NOSORH Finance Committee reviewed the annual federal audit report from outside audit firm Maner Costerian.  According to the audit firm, NOSORH received “the best audit you can receive”.  The audit results were submitted and approved by the Board at its March meeting.

Communications Committee – The Communication Committee is planning for an earlier launch of National Rural Health Day activities with support from Matt Strycker, NOSORH Special Projects Coordinator. A new toolkit for working with Public Information Officers is planned along with other resources. Mark your calendar for National Rural Health Day 2015 on November 19th.

Policy Committee– The Policy Committee’s highest priority is increasing the appropriation for State Offices of Rural Health.  SORH have been provided resources to reach out to Congressional members, NOSORH’s State Rural Health Association Liaison Natalie Claiborne (MT) reached out to the State Association Council for support and NOSORH Legislative Liaison, Bill Finerfrock prepared a draft for testimony for Senate and House Appropriations committees on behalf of NOSORH.  Please make sure your Congressional members are aware of the work of your SORH for their rural communities.

Development Committee – The Development Committee is planning to meet during the NRHA conference on April 14th at 9:30 room 408 to discuss building the work of NOSORH to support SORH.

Rural Health Clinic Committee – Will begin discussing an outline for the RHC Institute for SORH and other learning opportunities to increase SORH capacity to support RHC this month.

Flex Committee – The next Flex meeting is scheduled for April 23 at 3 PM eastern.

Policy Program Monitoring Team – The PPMT with help of SORH Alumni, Harvey Licht planned and conducted a health system reform discussion on March 25th. SORH leaders were joined by NRHA, RUPRI and the National Rural ACO group to talk about ensuring rural needs are met with future health system reform efforts.  You can listen to a recording of the discussion by clicking here.  NOSORH will use input provided to craft comments and plan future educational programs for SORH.

Executive Committee – The NOSORH Executive Committee is planning to meet in Rockville with the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy and other federal partners, to share information about the role of SORH and to share issues of concern to SORH and rural communities.  This is a first in a series of meetings planned for the upcoming year to build federal and state links back to SORH.

Educational Exchange Committee – The Educational Exchange Committee Chairs and other committee chairs engaged in planning education for SORH met on April 1 to discuss strategies for focusing and ensuring the value of all NOSORH educational exchange activities.  The discussion included an inventory of all NOSORH education offerings, a review of the process and shared insights on how to focus education.  Information discussed is summarized in a PowerPoint presentation found here.

TruServe Advisory Group – The group gave input to Kelly Quigley on plans for a webinar planned to support PCO TruServe users.  An additional education is planned for supporting site administrators including a “deep dive” review of the definitions SORH should use for reporting on information dissemination, technical assistance, collaboration and other measures.


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