AmeriCorps Overview and Resources for SORH

About the Webinar:

AmeriCorps’ mission is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteerism and we do this by bringing together organizations and individuals to tackle urgent needs. AmeriCorps members are individuals who are recruited and selected into a national service position and who build the capacity, expand the reach, and/or deepen the impact of organizations that host them. AmeriCorps members can come from the local community being served or relocate to serve that community. This webinar will discuss how SORH can partner with AmeriCorps and engage AmeriCorps members to augment the work you are doing in rural communities across the country.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will increase their knowledge of the resources and programming opportunities available with AmeriCorps
  • Participants will learn how AmeriCorps VISTA resources have benefitted by two state offices of rural health
  • Participants will understand how to apply for AmeriCorps resources if interested in pursuing this partnership opportunity


  • Charndrea Leonard, Southeast Regional Administrator, AmeriCorps
  • Jill Sears, Mountain Region Regional Administrator, AmeriCorps
  • SORH AmeriCorps Experience: Utah and Wyoming


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