This webpage is a resource to access webinars recorded for the NH Rural Health Clinic Technical Assistance Network. Descriptions and links to the available webinars are listed below:

Using Patient Registries to Manage Chronic Disease
This webinar provides an overview on the benefits of using patient registries to support chronic disease care within a health care setting. Discussion includes information about creating a registry, data validation and 2017 Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) considerations.

Introducing POND: Practice Outcomes National Database
A Benchmarking Tool for Financial and Operational Performance

Webinar Topic: NH Rural Health Clinics Technical Assistance Network Year 3 Kick-Off Meeting
This presentation “kicks off” the third year of the NH RHC TA Network and the Diabetes Action Learning Collaborative. Discussion includes a brief overview of the NHRHC TA Network. Highlights include selected results from the NHRHC needs assessment and presentation of activities and accomplishments of the Hypertension and Diabetes Action Learning Collaboratives.

Webinar Topic: Important RHC Revenue Cycle Considerations
This presentation examines important revenue cycle/billing considerations for best practice RHC operations. Discussion included the importance of monitoring revenue, consistent billing adjudication, and monitoring the differences between payor behavior.


Webinar Topic: Data Analysis in Quality Improvement Processes
This webinar provides an overview of data analysis in QI processes including a discussion of  statistical process control charts; filtering “noise” from the data; recognizing signals from the data; and practical use.

Webinar Topic: Understanding Practice Transformation and Opportunities in New Hampshire
This webinar includes discussion of current practice transformation initiatives and opportunities that are taking place in the state of New Hampshire.

Webinar Topic: Team-Based Care
This webinar provides information on the Team-Based Care (TBC) model including discussion of its characteristics, benefits,how to get started and how TBC relates to the Patient Centered Medical Home model. Other resources are also provided.

Webinar Topic: Conducting a Practice Operational Assessment
This webinar provides information on conducting a practice operational assessment and provides tools to assess key components and assist a practice in using data to improve practice operations. The agenda includes discussion on:

  • Benefits of Practice Operational Assessment
  • Quality Improvement and PDSA Cycles applied to Practice Operations
  • Productivity
  • Appointment Access
  • Provider Schedules and Asset Matching
  • Patient Flow Bottlenecks and Inefficient Practices

Webinar Topic: NH Rural Health Clinic Recruitment and Retention Strategies
This webinar presents information on recruitment and retention strategies for rural health clinics in NH and includes discussion of following topic areas:

  • Opportunities and Challenges to Recruiting Primary Care Providers
  • Partners and Resources
  • Factors that Impact Recruitment and Retention
  • Attracting and Retaining Providers
  • Interviewing and Site Visit Best Practices
  • On-boarding and Retention Best Practices

Webinar Topic: RHC Recertification
The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the RHC recertification process for Rural Health Clinic staff. Topics discussed include:

  • What is RHC Recertification?
  • What to expect during a recertification survey
  • Common issues from previous RHC surveys
  • Tips and Q&A

Webinar Topic: Introduction to Rural Health Clinics
The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview on Rural Health Clinics for RHC staff. Discussion includes an introduction of NH’s Rural Health Clinics; Rural Health Clinics Defined; Benefits of RHC Certification; and RHC Requirements.

Webinar Topic: NH RHC Action Learning Collaborative (ALC): Hypertension Management Program Kick-Off 
The first meeting to introduce the purpose and goals of the hypertension management learning collaborative for NH RHCs. Discussion includes benefits and expectations, how the learning collaborative works, as well as discussion of next steps.

Webinar Topic: Introduction to the New Hampshire Rural Health Clinic Technical Assistance Network
This webinar provides an introduction to the NH RHC TA Network. This session discusses project goals, technical assistance that is available and provides an overview of the Learning Collaborative. The NH RHC needs assessment results are discussed.  The project team and their related contact information is also provided.