The 2020 regional meetings are just around the corner and NOSORH is ready to start planning! All the sites and locations are secured and the planning committees are forming. If you are interested in volunteering for your region’s meeting planning committee, please contact Matt Strycker. NOSORH is now accepting speaker proposals for all 5 regional meetings and the NOSORH Annual Meeting. Proposals must be submitted by January 31, 2020.

Region A will take place on June 16-18, 2020, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, at the Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square. It’s surrounded by restaurants and just a short walk over the Monongahela River into the heart of downtown. There will be a pre-meeting on the morning of June 16 (topic to be determined).

Region B will take place on May 5-7, 2020, in Lexington, Kentucky, at the Marriott Lexington City Center. Just a short walk from the city square with tons of restaurants and shops in downtown Lexington. There will be a pre-meeting on the morning of May 5 (topic to be determined).

Region C will take place on July 29-30, 2020, in Chicago, Illinois, at the Westin Michigan Avenue on the Magnificent Mile in the heart of downtown Chicago. There will be a pre-meeting on the afternoon of June 28 (topic to be determined).

Region D will take place on June 3-4, 2020 in Reno, Nevada, at the Whitney Peak Hotel in downtown Reno. There is a rock climbing wall at the hotel, so bring your climbing gear! A pre-meeting will be held on the afternoon of June 2 (topic to be determined).

Region E is tentatively scheduled for July 15-16, 2020, in Anchorage, Alaska. NOSORH plans to host a pre-meeting the afternoon of July 14 (topic not yet determined).

Contact Matt Strycker, NOSORH Program Manager, if you have questions about any of these meetings.