Webinar: Masterclass in Telling the Stories of Rural Health in America (9/27/22)

In conjunction with National Rural Health Day, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) welcomes you to Telling the Stories of Rural Health In America.

The story of rural health in America often focuses on barriers to access, provider shortages, and poor outcomes for communities where persistent poverty, economic disparity, and inequity are prevalent. These issues are worthy of covering and sharing to influence meaningful change; however, the positive stories are just as powerful yet often untold.

This unique web event is for communications and public relations professionals, journalists, bloggers, editors, and others interested in communicating and reporting on rural health and all it entails. A panel of industry leaders will share their perspectives on positive rural health storytelling, followed by a facilitated discussion focused on your interests and challenges in communicating about rural health.