The RHIhub recently published a new program model in our Models and Innovations. The School-based Drug Misuse Prevention Program was implemented in an Appalachian Ohio school system, grades K-12. Following implementation, the community experienced no new school-aged overdose deaths.

We’ve also recently updated several of our Topic Guides:

Speaking of grants, we’ve also updated the section of our website where we provide assistance in using our funding resources and services. This includes guidance on finding opportunities, determining a location’s rural eligibility, and finding data, research, and resources to support program development and grant applications.

We also have two new articles in the Rural Monitor:

In case you missed it, we have archived versions of recent webinars and a recent Twitter chat:

Did you know?

In addition to RHIhub Models and Innovations, we also feature a wide range of case studies from other organizations. Check them out!  

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