The HRSA RHC COVID-19 Testing TA project team is working to advise and support the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy and the National Association of Rural Health Clinics (NARHC) to grow testing among RHCs by working directly with the 45 SORH that have 1 or more RHCs in their state. TA has been provided to SORH, RHCs and corresponding organizations holding the Tax Identification Number (TIN). Outreach ramped up in mid-October at which time 498 TIN organizations representing 898 RHCs registered and reported data. SORH have demonstrated a significant effort and diligence in disseminating information related to this program, resulting in 1,734 TIN organizations representing 3,408 RHCs registered and reporting some data in the NARHC reporting portal (as of 1/14/21). 

The project is now entering a second phase with a focus on outreach to those RHC/TIN organizations that have neither registered nor reported required data points in the RHC COVID-19 Testing Funds Reporting Portal. The focus will be to come alongside SORH providing assistance, as needed, to further reach these RHC(s) and the respective TIN organization(s). This effort is a concentrated push and is planned to conclude in mid-March.

SORH are invited to a Small Education Exchange & Development (SEED) session on Tuesday, February 23 at 3:00 pm ET. These calls are an opportunity to informally discuss challenges and share ideas and resources related to this specific project. These are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month 3:00 PM ET.