It’s that time of year again when NOSORH asks for your input on activities and services that will be provided over the next year. Yes–it’s the NOSORH Annual Membership Survey! Whether you’re heavily involved with NOSORH or a new member of your SORH, your input is important as it helps shape our work for the coming year and evaluate the impact of our efforts.

The anonymous information provided in the survey informs committees as they begin planning for next year. Want to learn more about a specific topic? Let us know! Did you successfully use a NOSORH toolkit within the last year to implement a new strategy in your office? Great, let us know you liked it so we will keep doing them!

Every response on this survey is important to the strategic operations of NOSORH, and your voice matters! NOSORH is challenging our membership this year to get at least one response from every SORH across the country. Can we do it? Let’s make it happen!

You can access the survey here:

As always, if you have any additional questions or thoughts feel free to reach out to any of the NOSORH staff!


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