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Rural Health Policy Update: With an election and the transition to a new administration it’s important for
all those involved in healthcare, from hospital trustees to administrators, from physicians to finance executives, to understand any plan and or changing policies that will impact the delivery of care in our nation’s rural communities.

Strategies for Reversing Out-Migration: How far are people living in rural areas willing to drive for their care?
Out-migration is a significant challenge for many rural hospitals and health clinics which is why it is so important for them to partner with community stakeholders in new and innovative ways. The ability to positively impact population health depends on rural healthcare leaders to connect with their communities in more meaningful ways.

Total Farmer Health: Agriculture production is rapidly changing. As a result, new hazards can be found across a spectrum of risks caused by machinery, livestock, weather, chemicals, financial strain, lack of health care access, infectious disease, and labor demands. Rural health professionals must adapt to these changes, respond to health threats, and promote a rural community of Total Farmer Health. Join AgriSafe, a leader in the field of agricultural occupational health, to learn how to integrate best practices that prevent farm related illness and injuries.

Using Big Data to Make Small Changes in Population Health: Population Health Management relies on the collection and actionable use of data. Value based care is gaining traction as a means of achieving the Triple Aim (Better Patient Care, Better Population Health and Lower cost). With all the progress and innovation surrounding the collection of “Big Data”, physicians and allied health professionals need to have the masses of data presented to them in a focused and user friendly manner. With the proper tools and leadership the various stakeholders including physicians, allied health professionals, patients and their families need to come together and lead the transformation
of care in their community.

Federal Efforts Related to Rural Health: Piecing Together Our Collaborative Work: Please join Jim Macrae, Acting Administrator of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration as he welcomes our guest presenters and participants to this very special National Rural Health Day learning session!