The Health Resources Service Administration, Office of Financial Assistance Management’s (OFAM) Division of Independent Review has an immediate need for grant reviewers. SORH staff members and their partners are encouraged to lend their expertise by signing up to be part of a pool of volunteer reviewers. If chosen to review a grant application, you will not only perform a service, but also gain valuable insights into what makes a successful application.

OFAM supported a record $7-billion portfolio in 2013, and Division Director Jeannie Davis hopes more academics, clinicians and allied health professionals from minority as well as underserved and underrepresented populations will participate in the grant-review process. “It is crucial that applications for HRSA funding are reviewed with an eye for the unique needs of rural populations.  SORH and their constituents across the nation understand how unique rural health is and their expertise as grant reviewers is greatly needed,” said NOSORH Executive Director Teryl Eisinger.

Volunteers should use the new peer-Reviewer Recruitment Module database on the HRSA website to apply to become reviewers. HRSA’s Electronic Handbook for reviewers will be phased out by next year.  The new module will become increasingly capable of supporting HRSA grant-review needs.

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