Each year NOSORH recognizes a federal Legislator of the Year. The award recognizes an outstanding federal legislator for her/his work and support of rural health initiatives that address national rural health care needs. We hope you will think about your legislators who meet the criteria listed below and consider the making a nomination.

  • Introduced or supported an existing piece of significant legislation that addresses an identified rural health need or issue;
  • Made a special effort to effect change in rural health policy and/or legislation that benefits rural health outcomes;
  • Demonstrated leadership that benefits rural communities in America.

SORH who have presented this award in the past have found that it brings great visibility to rural health issues in their state. “We nominated Senator Franken as Legislator of the Year early in his first term. He introduced rural legislation as soon as he arrived in DC, we wanted to acknowledge this, and we had hopes he would continue and expand his rural leadership. Senator Franked was recently chosen co-chair of the Senate Rural Health Caucus, and we like to think his NOSORH Legislator of the Year award played a part in his continuing contributions to the issues we all care about at the state and national level.” according to Mark Schoenbaum, Director of the Minnesota Office of Rural Health and Primary Care. NOSORH will provide the award and help your office with planning the presentation of the award, usually some time during the NRHA Policy Institute this February.  Lisa Davis (PA), co-chair of the NOSORH Policy Committee, says “The NOSORH Legislative Award is a terrific opportunity to recognize a member of Congress who has advocated for access to quality rural health care and who has been a champion for rural America.”

Nominations need to be received by December 15, 2014.  You can make the nomination by clicking here.



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