It has been said that “communication is key”, and no one knows that better than the members of the NOSORH Communications Committee.  Co-chaired by Karen Madden, New York SORH Director, and Kylie Nissen, Senior Project Coordinator with the North Dakota state office, the committee is responsible for getting the word out on what’s happening in rural health care.

“Our main focus is external communications for NOSORH and working to send a consistent message out to the world,” Madden said. The committee also communicates with state offices to “ensure they are hearing what they need to hear in order to do their jobs better.”

The committee primarily uses email, the NOSORH website, Twitter and Facebook pages to get the message out. “NOSORH is working to develop our blog page and create a more visible presence on social media,” NOSORH Special Projects Coordinator Matt Strycker said.  “We also developed webinars in the last few years that are very popular,” added Madden.

Madden and Nissen agree the crowning achievement of the committee has been the creation of National Rural Health Day (NRHD) four years ago.  “National Rural Health Day actually takes most of our time,” Madden said. “It started as a way to bring awareness to rural health by dedicating one day to rural issues. It was very successful from the first year. The states just grabbed on to it and it took off in ways we never expected.” Nissen agreed. “It’s a great way to let people across the country know that there are providers out there working every day to keep people in our rural communities healthy.”

The Communications Committee invites anyone interested in developing messages on rural health care to join the committee. “We raise awareness on rural issues and we’re just a fun committee to be a part of!” Nissen laughed.


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