The NOSORH Board of Directors includes 26 hard working volunteers.  This month is the last month Bob Pannell (FL) will serve on the Board of Directors, thanks to Bob for his service to the region and the Board.  “Over the years Bob has served as a Regional Representative, a member of the NOSORH Finance committee and chaired a regional meeting committee.  He’s provided interesting suggestions for speakers and common sense approach to serving the SORH.” according to Teryl Eisinger, Executive Director of NOSORH.

Other 2015 Board volunteers taking on new positions are listed below.

Melinda Merrell (SC) – will replace Bob Pannell as Regional Representative for Region B and will step down from chairing the Educational Exchange Committee.

Ernie Scott (KY) – will replace Charles Owens as Regional Representative for Region B.

Charles Owens (GA) – begins serving his last year as NOSORH Treasurer in January 1 and will step down from his Regional Representative role.

Scott Ekblad (OR) – will step up to Chair the Educational Exchange Committee and has completed his term as Past-President and Nominations Committee Chair for 2014.

Corie Kaiser (OK) – has been elected to serve as a NOSORH officer on the Executive Committee as NOSORH Secretary and will step down as Region D representative on the Board.

Joyce Hospodar (AZ)– has been appointed to replace Corie Kaiser as Region D representative beginning January 1.



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