Tammy Norville Appointed New CEO of NOSORH

June 2022

NOSORH is proud to announce the appointment of Tammy Norville as the new NOSORH CEO, effective June 1st. Ms. Norville has nearly twenty years of experience working with and for the State Offices of Rural Health (SORH). Her background includes working in the North Carolina Office of Rural Health, serving on the NOSORH Board of Directors, and working to grow the capacity of SORH as the Technical Assistance Director. She will replace Teryl Eisinger, who will serve as an Advisor to NOSORH until her retirement on July 15th. 

“I’m so honored to take on this position, build on our successful past and grow the reach and impact of the work of State Offices and NOSORH. Together with our partners and stakeholders, we can move the Power of Rural forward to help our rural neighbors become and remain more well,” stated Norville.   

Special thanks are due to the members of the Search Committee, led by NOSORH President Natalie Claiborne (Montana Office of Rural Health). Claiborne shares that “Tammy has a unique mix of knowledge and skills to position NOSORH for the future. Her deep commitment to NOSORH and the SORH is evident to all. Her vision for partnerships and the entrepreneurial growth of the organization will be a great asset to NOSORH as we continue to work to improve the health of rural America.” Congratulations to Tammy, Teryl, and the NOSORH Search Committee on this milestone achievement!