NOSORH Board of Directors: Understanding Priorities and Building Relationships

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The NOSORH Board of Directors is composed of 28 SORH representatives from across the nation including 2 representatives from each region.  This structure provides a forum for SORHs to have input into the organization to help determine strategic and policy priorities.  According to immediate Past-President Alisa Druzba, “This input really allows NOSORH to take the pulse of what is going on with the SORHs.”  The entire NOSORH Board meets in person every January to review past successes and challenges and plan for the upcoming needs of SORHs.  This process ensures SORHs continue to strengthen their leadership and policy coordination roles.  This fluid communication allows NOSORH and SORHs to identify and build new relationships.

New NOSORH Board

The 2015 NOSORH Board of Directors and committee leaders includes 28 volunteer SORH leaders dedicated to responding to the needs of SORH and providing insight and oversight of NOSORH.   The Board will meet January 7-8 in its annual strategic planning meeting for the NOSORH Cooperative Agreement and other initiatives.  If you have input or thoughts please follow up with your Regional Representative.

Ernie Scott – Director of the Kentucky Office of Rural Health will join the NOSORH Board as Region B Representative.  “Ernie’s been recognized by his peer SORH as an emerging leader.  We are happy to put his insight and leadership to work on behalf of the State Offices of Rural Health” says Teryl Eisinger, Executive Director of NOSORH.

Crystal Barter – “Being appointed to the Board is a great opportunity to get more involved at a national level” according to Crystal Barter, Director of Performance Improvement for the Michigan Center for Rural Health.  Crystal will serve as the Liaison to NOSORH’s Rural Health Clinic Committee.

Tammy Norville – New Co-Chair of the Rural Health Clinic Committee.  Tammy has been involved with NOSORH’s Rural Health Clinic since its inception.  “We’re happy to have Tammy on Board she’s a wealth of direct experience and a respected resource for RHC work. ” says Teryl Eisinger, NOSORH Executive Director.

“I am really excited to be more involved with NOSORH.” Says Joyce Hospodar – Manager, Health Systems Develop Mel and Enid Zuckerman Center for Rural Health.  Joyce will join the Board as the Region D representative after years of involvement in the NOSORH Flex and Communication committees.


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Thanks to Board Volunteers for Service and for Stepping Up

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The NOSORH Board of Directors includes 26 hard working volunteers.  This month is the last month Bob Pannell (FL) will serve on the Board of Directors, thanks to Bob for his service to the region and the Board.  “Over the years Bob has served as a Regional Representative, a member of the NOSORH Finance committee and chaired a regional meeting committee.  He’s provided interesting suggestions for speakers and common sense approach to serving the SORH.” according to Teryl Eisinger, Executive Director of NOSORH.

Other 2015 Board volunteers taking on new positions are listed below.

Melinda Merrell (SC) – will replace Bob Pannell as Regional Representative for Region B and will step down from chairing the Educational Exchange Committee.

Ernie Scott (KY) – will replace Charles Owens as Regional Representative for Region B.

Charles Owens (GA) – begins serving his last year as NOSORH Treasurer in January 1 and will step down from his Regional Representative role.

Scott Ekblad (OR) – will step up to Chair the Educational Exchange Committee and has completed his term as Past-President and Nominations Committee Chair for 2014.

Corie Kaiser (OK) – has been elected to serve as a NOSORH officer on the Executive Committee as NOSORH Secretary and will step down as Region D representative on the Board.

Joyce Hospodar (AZ)– has been appointed to replace Corie Kaiser as Region D representative beginning January 1.



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