NORSORH is pleased to announce a resource for SORHs in support of FORHP grantees. The Southwest Center for Health Innovation (CHI), formerly a program of Hidalgo Medical Services in Silver City, New Mexico, serves as a sub awardee of the NOSORH/FORHP Cooperative Agreement. CHI staff have several decades of experience both supporting FORHP grant applications and as a grant recipient. CHI’s major focus has been working with FORHP Outreach and Network grants to inform local, state and national policy.

On July 26 at 3:00 pm Eastern, CHI will host a webinar “Building Sustainability with Policy Solutions: Technical Assistance Support for Outreach Grantees” on successful sustainability models in a policy context. The NOSORH contract with CHI includes funding for technical assistance to FORHP Outreach grantees that might need support in their sustainability planning. If you know a good candidate for technical assistance, contact Charlie Alfero, CHI Director, to discuss this great opportunity to learn from a grantee with experience in sustainable programming.

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