From March through May 2016, new NOSORH staff conducted a series of calls with many of the SORH Directors across the country. These calls allowed new NOSORH staff, Ashley Muninger and Chris Salyers, the opportunity to be introduced to the SORH Directors and learn more about the work going on within each state.

NOSORH is proud to announce that during that time we were able to complete calls with 32 state Directors. “We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to each of you for making time in your already overwhelmed schedules to meet with our staff. The information gleaned during these calls will assist NOSORH in directing education, services, committee work, and external partnerships,” said Chris Salyers.

NOSORH would like to share some of the overarching themes that were learned from the calls. A one-page fact sheet, which highlights an aggregate of the calls, can be accessed here. A full report of the aggregated information collected during the calls will provide greater detail on the areas to be addressed.  “We will also be using the information gathered about SORH communications activities, specifically newsletters and social media, to intently follow the good work of the SORHs,” said Ashley Muninger.

Thank you again to all that participated and devoted time to ensure that NOSORH continues to meet the needs of the membership.

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