The former Rural Assistance Center is now the Rural Health Information Hub. The website has also moved; you can find it at All pages will be forwarded to the new domain, but we encourage you to update your links and bookmarks to the site.

Please help us inform your rural health colleagues of the name change. With your help, we can ensure that rural stakeholders continue to take advantage of these free resources, which are funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. You can find resources to help share the news — such as new videos, a downloadable flyer, a PowerPoint slide, and articles — and request RHIhub promotional products in our Spread the Word section.

Another change you’ll notice is that our biweekly RAC Update will be renamed to RHIhub This Week – as the name implies, it will now be a weekly email. If you aren’t signed up to receive those updates, please subscribe.

RHIhub Features Successful FORHP grantees

Over the past years, we have been working with the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy’s Community-Based Division to feature their grantees’ successes. We hope that these resources can be useful to potential grantees and others hoping to learn from the experiences of past grantees. Here are some of the new resources we’ve added:

  • Outreach Grantee Project Examples – We’ve added 37 project examples from the recently completed cohort of Outreach Grantees to the RHIhub Rural Health Models and Innovations. Of those, one example met our evidence criteria to be considered “effective” and 26 were rated as “promising.”
  • FORHP Grants in Motion – This new category of the Rural Monitor will feature how FORHP grants are benefitting rural communities. The first article in the series features the Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri (HCC), which has grown significantly and made an impact on the health and well-being of local residents by leveraging multiple funding sources, strong leadership, a clear strategy, and a commitment to collaboration.
  • Supporting Rural Community Health – This new section of the Community Health Gateway features FORHP community-based grant programs and highlights how FORHP is working to build an evidence-base to support rural community programs.


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