The Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Committee began in 2009 as a task force to assess what types of support SORHs were providing for RHCs.  The task forced evolved into the RHC Committee in 2013 to focus on providing education for SORHs that are interested in providing technical assistance to RHCs and safety net providers.

“The RHC Committee is a great place for SORH to learn more about Rural Health Clinics and how they can support them. It’s also a great venue to ask questions about RHCs and voice RHC related concerns,” explains Stephanie Hansen, NOSORH Director of Education Services.

The committee began by surveying SORHs to understand the amount and type of technical assistance that was provided to RHCs.  Since then, the Committee has used this information to help produce four modules:

Module 1: An Introduction to the Rural Health Clinic Program

Module 2: Learning About Certified Rural Health Clinics

Module 3: Helping SORHs Make Decisions About Providing Technical Assistance and Support to Rural Health Clinics

Module 4: Helping Rural Health Clinics Work Effectively with Other Key Rural Health Providers

The RHC Committee consists of a broad group of SORHs providing a diverse level of experience.  Co-Chair Tammy Norville of the NC SORH describes, “The RHC TA Committee is a sounding board that really understand the intricacies and unique characteristics of working in rural. The amount and expanse of knowledge within the group is amazing. We have folks that work with Rural Health Clinics every day as well as folks that are just developing a Technical Assistance plan. Everyone brings perspective and all members are engaged. Additionally, we are a committee that gets the work completed. From working on RHC TA Tool-kit modules to developing a Rural Health Clinic Institute, we work collaboratively to keep projects moving to completion.”

The Committee is currently working on 3 new toolkit modules for quality, behavioral health, and engagement in RHCs.  They helped design the first RHC Institute to begin in October and encouraged the offering of a RHC 101 workshop to be held at the Annual Meeting on September 3rd in Portland, OR.  They also suggested the RHC Institute coordinate with the National Association of Rural Health Clinics to increase collaboration.

“The NOSORH RHC Committee is comprised of an engaging and passionate group of individuals who are focusing SORH resources on the certified RHCs within their state. The committee calls consist of state-sharing which is extremely valuable. In addition, three standing items on the agenda include a Policy and Regulatory Update from Bill Finerfrock, updates from the Office of Rural Health Policy, and updates from John Gale regarding RHC research. These updates are excellent opportunities to stay abreast of what is happening in the RHC world,” says Co-Chair Crystal Barter.

The Committee meets every other month on the third Monday at 2:00 Eastern.  The next call is scheduled for August 17th at 2 pm ET.  Contact Co-Chairs Tammy Norville and Crystal Barter for more information on joining the RHC Committee.


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