Last year the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health (WI ORH) and many others worked with the Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care to create a “Rural EMS Survey Tool”, which is a short survey that would both help assess the capacity of rural (and urban) EMS services, while also providing them a mini-roadmap to ‘gold star’ performance in each attribute. By listing examples for each numerical score, the survey creates both a quantitative and qualitative analysis. If services are identified, it allows for the creation of cohorts for technical assistance.  If locations are identified, it allows for geographic analysis.

It is meant to be as brief as possible, so more services complete it.

Each state will probably modify this at least slightly for their own use.  Here’s our final draft version. There are still notes on it, for future improvements.  There are some important notes at the end, please check them out.  For example, the next step is to create the accompanying “Instructions and Resources” document, which both explains the finer points for each attribute, and provides resources for achieving a Gold Star rating on each attribute.  Any volunteers willing to help should contact John Eich.

This draft is provided, free of charge, to anyone for their use.  Feel free to modify it.  Please send any changes that could benefit other states, so it keeps improving!   A pdf version is on the WI ORH website.


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