In honor of National Rural Health Day, the RHIhub released several new resources on the history of rural health, including the creation of the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) and the State Office of Rural Health (SORH) Program.

Rural Monitor Article Building on the History of the State Offices of Rural Health: Celebrating 25 Years of Service is a Rural Monitor article that details the history of SORHs, NOSORH and National Rural Health Day. It also highlights the good work being done by individual State Offices, focusing on the unique ways that three SORHs are meeting rural health needs. It highlights the efforts of the Minnesota Office and Rural Health and Primary Care (ORHPC) to develop the state’s rural workforce, how the South Carolina Office of Rural Health (SCORH) is addressing population health, and the work the Oklahoma Office of Rural Health (OORH) is doing to assess community needs.

SORH History Video Included in the article is a new video produced by RHIhub: Growing the State Offices of Rural Health. This video details the origin of SORHs, the dedication of individuals who worked to establish the State Offices and the collaborative spirit they have embraced from the very beginning. The video features Jeff Human, Jerry Coopey, Denise Denton, Kevin Fickenscher, Denny Berens, and Caroline Ford.

FORHP History Video RHIhub also released the video, Building the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, which chronicles the creation of the FORHP in 1987, exploring the need for such an office and discussing its charge. The video describes some of FORHP’s early efforts, including the establishment of the National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and the Rural Health Research Center program.

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