The RHIhub continues to add tools and features to assist rural communities in building effective community health programs. RHIhub recently partnered with NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis and the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center to create two new Evidence-Based Toolkits for Rural Community Health, which help rural communities make the best use of limited funding and resources.

The two newest toolkits are:

  • Rural Community Health Toolkit—A general toolkit that would be useful to any rural community as they develop a community health program. It walks users through development, implementation, evaluation, planning for sustainability, etc.
  • Rural Diabetes Prevention Management Toolkit—Includes resources and best practices to identify, implement, and sustain a program to prevent and/or manage diabetes in rural areas.

In an effort to expand RHIhub’s rural health storytelling, the RHIhub is creating companion videos for selected programs featured in the Rural Health Models and Innovations and the Rural Monitor newsletter. These videos are available in the Rural Programs Making a Difference YouTube playlist. There are currently eight videos, with additional videos to be released on a regular basis throughout this year and into the future.

RHIhub’s newest videos are:

  • Trinity Hospital Twin City’s Fit for Life—Wellness program in rural Ohio that teaches participants that a change in mindset is the key to long-term physical health. Nearly 2,000 adults have experienced lowered cholesterol, weight loss, reversal of diabetes, and better sleep.
  • Madison Outreach Services through Telehealth (MOST) Network—In partnership with Texas A&M’s Telehealth Counseling Clinic, doctoral-level students and promotoras connect with Latino patients in remote clinics to offer mental health and substance abuse counseling.

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