The RHIhub’s State Guides feature key rural health resources for each state. RHIhub appreciates the support and collaboration of State Offices of Rural Health in keeping these pages up-to-date over the last decade. This past year, RHIhub has had some changes to which information specialists maintain each state guide. The RHIhub staff will be contacting SORHs over the course of the next year to review the content on each state’s guide. SORHs are encouraged to reach out to the RHIhub at any time to tell us about documents, funding opportunities, events, and other resources that should be included on your state’s page.

RHIhub State Guide Contacts, by NOSORH Region:

Region A – Brandon Baumbach, or 701.777.6025

Region B – Dorothea Nelson, or 701.777.6032

Region C – Amy Degerstrom, or 701.777.5294

Regions D & E – Kathleen Spencer, or 701.777.6029

Thank you again for your support in maintaining this important rural health information for your state!


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