The annual Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Technical Assistance Survey of SORH was released in early July and the initial results are in, with 34 states represented in the results. A huge thank you to those who participated!  The final survey results will be compiled and used to focus and solidify technical assistance (TA) offerings in the coming year of the RHC Committee, chaired by Crystal Barter of the Michigan Center for Rural Health.  Initial results show:

51% of reporting states provide routine TA to RHCs

37% provide routine TA to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

33% reported providing routine TA to other rural safety-net provider types;


Seven percent of reporting states do not provide TA to RHCs. Email, phone, and conferences were reported as main communication modes with RHCs. Top three sources for resources used by respondents are the following:

72% NOSORH Rural Health Clinic Institute

72% National Rural Health Association Resources

54% National Association of Rural Health Clinics list serve


The majority of respondents reported providing TA to rural primary care safety-net providers one to two times per month.    The top 5 topics for technical assistance reported by SORH are as follows:

86% Recruitment and Retention

77% How to start a RHC

70% Grant writing

67% Quality improvement

65% Regulatory and legislative changes

For more information or for assistance in working with safety net providers, contact Tammy Norville at


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