Register now for the Rural Health Clinic Institute developed by NOSORH to help State Offices of Rural Health build their capacity to provide technical assistance to clinics in their states.  SORH will learn about the needs of RHCs, the compliance issues for RHCs, how to support RHCs to do better billing and collection, help RHCs to become innovative and how to organize their office’s efforts so that they can be effective technical assistance providers for RHCs.  NOSORH will offer an RHC 101 workshop (click here to see the agenda) at the Annual Meeting as a primer for SORHs to get a basic understanding and update on the latest RHC developments to provide a basic background on RHCs.  After that, NOSORH will launch the Institute with a face-to-face meeting on October 26th from 4-6 pm before the start of the National Association of Rural Health Clinics (NARHC) conference followed by a 9-part webinar series.  Information on the NARHC conference can be found here.  The registration fee is $500.  Click here to register.

NARHC offers the following SORH Discounts for membership and conference registration as follows.


  • NARHC Membership Special: $400. Special includes the rest of 2014 FREE & all of 2015 for the 1 year price (if purchased through NOSORH).
  • NARHC Fall Institute Special: $400 member price & $500 non-member price. Payment must be received by Sept 30th.


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