Last spring Chris Salyers, Education Services Director, and Ashley Muninger, Communications and Development Coordinator, conducted a series of calls with the SORH Directors from March through May 2016. A complete report has been developed to analyze the results of these interviews. The report, entitled An Overview of the Work and Needs of State Offices of Rural Health: Analysis of 2016 Telephone Interviews with State Office Directors, is now available on the NOSORH website here.

The major themes of the report provide an aggregate response from the Offices related to communications, ACA activities, delivery system reform technical assistance, workforce initiatives, data use, population health activities, and experience with NOSORH services. This expands upon the previous one-page fact sheet that was developed to highlight the major components of the results.

The results of the survey culminate into four recommendations for NOSORH programs and services going forward. These recommendations include:

  • Increase in the educational resources provided to SORH in an effort to become further engaged with delivery system reform efforts within their state.
  • Evaluate the current Educational Exchange/Travel Scholarship program to better fit the needs of SORHs and increase the program’s effectiveness.
  • Introduce NOSORH activities related to data use, workforce, and population health to partners.
  • Assess the need to modify NOSORH committees including evaluation of the number, type, and focus of committees. This includes evaluating the need to focus on delivery system reform efforts, workforce initiatives, and others.

“I’m very happy to see a better picture of the work of the State Offices of Rural Health in all this work. Chris and Ashley have been on the job for less than a year and have done a great job of getting to know and respond to the needs of the SORH.  We have the SORH Directors to thank for that.” says Teryl Eisinger, Executive Director. The report will be used to in NOSORH strategic planning activities watch for action on all of these recommendations.

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