NOSORH members met in New Orleans, Louisiana for the Region D SORH Partnership Meeting on June 27-28. NOSORH would like to thank the Louisiana Office of Rural Health for hosting what was a very festive gathering! Thanks to Denise Dowell for adding special touches to the meeting room to welcome State Offices of Rural Health. While the boas, beads, and treats did not distract from the meeting at hand, the Louisiana SORH sure did make everyone feel welcome.

This meeting was just another example of how great the regions are at identifying their needs and bringing people to the table to address them. Crystal Barter, Director of Performance Improvement at the Michigan Center for Rural Health, joined Region D (from Region C) to deliver a highly informative and engaging session on Innovative Health Improvement Projects Managed by a SORH. Attendees also heard updates from Federal partners and from Dr. Steve Geiermann, Senior Manager at the American Dental Association, who spoke about collaboration during his session titled “Medical and Dental Working Together at the Community Level”.

All the presentations from the Region D Meeting can be found by clicking here.

NOSORH is looking forward to seeing Region D in Arkansas next year!

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