Region C states met in Minneapolis, MN, for the SORH Partnership Meeting in August. Thanks to the Minnesota team for their assistance in planning and hosting the meeting! The kick-off was provided by the Minnesota Health Director. The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) shared information regarding current funding opportunities, provided a session on how FORHP might better support SORHs and their partners, and discussed how they may provide facilitation with other HRSA programs, should the need arise.

Region C was joined by Alana Knudson, Co-Director of the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis. Alana presented on the CDC’s growing interest in rural health. She discussed various topics within that framework, including the inclusion of rural health coordination within the Office of the Associate Director of Policy, rural health disparities, and how local health departments are funded in rural areas. In addition, Knudson spoke about the impact of health insurance on farmer health and farm viability. Meg Moynihan, a member of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and a small Minnesotan farmer, spoke at length about coping with stressors facing our rural farming families in an engaging and moving session. Click here for the Region C meeting presentations.

The Kansas Office of Primary Care and Rural Health will host the 2019 Region C Partnership Meeting!

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