RAC has recently launched a new Rural Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help rural communities and organizations develop and implement programs that improve the health of their residents based on proven approaches and strategies. The Rural Mental Health and Substance Abuse Toolkit contains eight modules with information and links to resources, websites, publications, and tools. The toolkit includes:

  • An overview on health promotion and disease prevention programs in rural areas
  • Program model examples
  • Guidance on implementation, evaluation methods, and more

Content for the toolkit was developed by the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center, in collaboration with the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis, as part of the Rural Community Health Gateway. The Gateway, located on the RAC website, is designed to help rural communities learn about proven methods of providing rural residents with better access to healthcare services. Development of these resources is part of an ongoing effort by NORC, UMN, and RAC to provide evidence-based health information to rural America

If you have feedback on any of the toolkits in the Rural Community Health Gateway, or examples of how they have been used in your state, RAC would love to hear from you. Email Kristine Sande with details.


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