An online brochure, created by the  Southwest Rural Policy Network  (SWRPN) and distributed by the  Arizona State Office of Rural Health,  aims to provide quick and easy  information on the Affordable Care Act  (ACA) for a rural audience there.

The brochure was a response to a W.K.  Kellogg Foundation initiative called  Rural People, Rural Policy and was  developed by the SWRPN’s Health  Action Team, according to Joyce  Hospodar, AZ SORH Health Systems  Development Manager and SWRPN  Action Team Chair. Using money from  that initiative, the AZ SORH was able to  make printed copies to distribute in the  state, which so far it has distributed to  many organizations including AHECs,  FQHCs and hospitals. “All the other  material we are seeing on the ACA is so  complicated,” Hospodar said. “We’re  trying to get the information more  understandable to people living in  rural communities. As people become  more aware of the ACA, we’ll be able  to increase their participation in what  they’re eligible for, so more people will  be getting insurance and be involved  with the benefits of the ACA.”

Feedback on the brochure has  been positive, Hospodar said. “The  momentum is increasing, more people  are wanting it. It has been lauded  for ease of use.” By popular demand  the brochure is being translated  into Spanish, and public service  announcements are being written  from it in both English and Spanish,  which will be targeted for national  distribution.

Funding for development of the brochure came from the Kellogg Initiative. Despite the up-front costs of web development and printing,  Hospodar said, she thinks it will  be a good investment. “So many  organizations are working to get the  word out about the ACA that there’s  lots of duplication. We’re trying  to streamline it. The brochure can  be used to answer questions that  patients—and citizens—have about  the ACA quickly and easily.”

Hospodar said that both the online  and print brochure versions can be  modified and used by other State  Offices of Rural Health (SORHs),  but it will require some funding for  the modifications. The New Mexico  members of the Health Action Team  have tailored the brochure for their  state and have made it available  online. To access the Arizona and  New Mexico ACA brochures, visit the  SWRPN Affordable Care Act page.  SORHs that are interested in adapting  the brochure for their use can contact  Hospodar for more information, at or 520- 626-2432.