The NOSORH Board met in person earlier this month to assess and adopt strategies to ensure the vitality and value of the Cooperative Agreement (CA) activities, the organization and to build the capacity of NOSORH to ensure the 2016-18 strategy delivers high value partnerships, activities and services for SORH.  The NOSORH Board represents nearly 50% of the members across the nation.  The meeting began by discussing the major issues facing SORH today and what SORHs need to do to stay relevant and thrive in the next 5 years.  NOSORH’s President, Scott Daniels (HI) reports, “The Board Planning Meeting showed there is a lot we want to accomplish as an organization over the next year and helped to prioritize the work that needs to get done. It also highlighted that we will need the participation of all the SORHs if we are to be successful in achieving our goals.”

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy also participated in this 2-day meeting that focused on 4 main strategies:

  • Education and Mentoring
  • Resources and Services
  • Advocate and Promote
  • Manage and Grow

Harvey Licht led a discussion on the key changes in the rural healthcare market place.  Discussions also took place on policy, National Rural Health Day and core competencies for SORHs.

“The Board worked hard on identifying specific activities, which will be beneficial to SORHs and many thanks goes to Mary Sheridan for facilitating a great meeting,” add Teryl Eisinger, NOSORH Executive Director.

More work will be done by NOSORH to document and communicate the outcomes of this productive meeting in the coming months.  If you have input or thoughts please follow up with your Regional Representative.

The NOSORH Board of Directors is composed of 26 SORH representatives from across the nation including 2 representatives from each region.  This structure provides a forum for SORHs to have input into the organization to help determine strategic and policy priorities. The entire NOSORH Board meets in person every January to review past successes and challenges and plan for the upcoming needs of SORHs.  This process ensures SORHs continue to strengthen their leadership and policy coordination roles.  This fluid communication allows NOSORH and SORHs to identify and build new relationships.

New Board Members include Michelle Hoffman (WY) as the Flex Liaison, Keith Clark (NV) as the Workforce Liaison, and Melissa VanDyne (MO) and Julie Casper (IL) as the new Region C Representatives.


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