Each month NOSORH showcases a SORH with a unique approach to improving health care in rural areas with the greatest potential for replication by other SORHs.  Since 2013, NOSORH has promoted 23 promising best practices on a wide variety of rural health interests and from all regions of the country. Topics include recruitment and retention, behavioral health, rural veterans, telehealth, community paramedicine, and many more.  A catalog of these valuable resources is maintained on the NOSORH website.  You can also search by topic or Promising Practices on the NOSORH word cloud found on each NOSORH webpage.  Last year 87% of SORHs reported that Promising Practice articles in the NOSORH Branch newsletter are valuable or of interest.

All SORH have unique circumstances, resources, challenges and opportunities.  NOSORH firmly believes that all SORH work diligently and creatively to improve rural health in their state.

Does your SORH have a “Promising Practice”? We’re interested in the innovative, effective and valuable work that SORHs are doing. Contact Kassie Clarke, NOSORH’s Communication and Development Coordinator to set up a short email or phone interview in which you can tell your story.


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